FAO-CIHEAM Network on Sheep and Goats Sub-Network on Nutrition
14th International Seminar

2nd Symposium of LowInputBreeds

Feeding and management strategies to improve livestock productivity, welfare and product quality under climate change

Hammamet, Tunisia, 15 – 18 May 2012


imageSeminar Outline (Download Second Announcement)

To reduce poverty, fight hunger and ensure global food security, there is an urgent need to increase livestock production in sustainable ways. However, production systems in target areas are constrained mainly by low genetic potential, feed shortage, nutrient deficiency, inappropriate husbandry and zoonotic and other emerging infectious diseases. Climate change is also expected to exacerbate the vulnerability of livestock systems and to reinforce existing factors that simultaneously challenge livestock production such as rapid population and economic growth, increased demand for food and products, and increased conflicts over scarce resources (e.g. land tenure, water, and feed). Scientific advances in animal nutrition and new strategies in livestock feeding may undoubtedly contribute to the aim of improve livestock productivity and to produce safe and dietetic meat and milk under these constraints.

The National Institute of Agricultural Research of Tunisia (INRAT) will host the 14th Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Sub-Network on Sheep and Goat Nutrition on “Feeding and management strategies for improved livestock productivity, welfare and product quality under climate changes”, during 15-18 May 2012 in Hammamet. This seminar is organized jointly with the 2nd Symposium of the EC-collaborative project LowInputBreed (http://www.lowinputbreeds.org).

The objective is to encourage participation and interaction between scientists and technicians involved in animal production systems, specially in animal nutrition, with a view to introduce methodologies and experiences in small ruminants and other species nutrition that may help to improve sustainability of livestock production by yielding safe and quality products more efficiently and by increasing the capacity of production systems to adapt to current environment and socio-economic changes.


The Seminar of the FAO-CIHEAM Network on Sheep and Goats will take place on 15-17 May with the following sessions:

Session 1. Production and overall nutrition efficiency
Session 2. Local feeding resources based systems
Session 3. Animal welfare / Product quality
Session 4. Options for mitigating/coping with climate change

17 May will be devoted to a Field trip in Northern Tunisia with visits to farms (sheep, goat and cattle) and touristic sites.

18 May morning will be dedicated to public presentations from the LowInputBreeds subprojects.

Registration fees

Before 31 March 2012 registration fees for the two days of seminar and the technical visit will be 250 euro, afterwards fees will be 300 euro. Fees include attendance to the Seminar, refreshments and lunches and a copy of the Proceedings.


The hotel that has been pre-booked at a group discounted rate is the Alhambra Thalasso***** (Ysamine Hammamet, Tel : +216 72 241 524 / 72 240 590). Prices per room, breakfast and taxes included, are 60 TD (approx. 30 euro) in Single room and 120 TD (approx. 60 euro) in Double room.

Registration and hotel booking: Deadline 8 May 2012

For registration and hotel booking, fill out the form available in MS-Word format and return it together with proof of payment, preferably by e-mail, by 8 May 2012, to:
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