imageBackground and objectives

The FAO-CIHEAM Inter-regional Cooperative Research and Development Sub-Network on Mediterranean Pastures and Fodder Crops organises, together with the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Ondokuz Mayis (Turkey), its 14th Meeting titled “New approaches for grassland research in a context of climatic and socio-economic changes”.

The Meeting will bring together scientists and specialists from countries of the Mediterranean regions, to present studies and to discuss research strategies and experiences to face current challenges in the management of grasslands. Grassland-based systems are no longer seen as livestock enterprises but as multiple use systems with important consequences for the global environment. They are crucial for the protection of ecosystems goods and services, for tourism and for mitigating climate change.


The Meeting will provide a 2-day forum for scientific and technical exchanges, a one-day technical field tour and a one-day optional touristic-technical tour. The scientific and technical exchanges will be structured in 4 thematic sessions, with keynote guest speakers and will also be open to free contributions.

Download the programme and the list of posters

Registration and accommodation

Deadline: 15 September 2012; registration and hotel reservations cannot be guaranteed after this date (information available in the 3rd Circular of the Meeting)

- Before 31st July 2012, registration fees will be:
200 € for senior participants.
150 € for young (below 35 years old) participants.

- After 31st July 2012, the registration fees will be 250 € for all participants.

Fees include attendance to the Meeting scientific sessions and mid-Meeting technical tour, refreshments and lunches, welcome reception and social dinner, and a copy of the Proceedings.

The Optional post-Meeting tour price is 40 € (including lunch and guide) to be paid in addition to the registration fees.

- Pre-booking has been arranged with theTepe hotel, at the OndokuzMayisUniversity campus, a few minutes walking distance from the Congress hall where the scientific sessions will be held. Room prices, including breakfast and taxes, are 55 TL (around 24 Euro) for single rooms, 85 TL (around 36 Euro) for double rooms, and 110 TL (around 47 Euro) for triple rooms.

For registration and hotel booking, please fill out the Registration and hotel booking form and return it together with proof of payment, preferably by e-mail, before 15 September 2012, to:

CIHEAM - Instituto Agronómico Mediterráneo de Zaragoza
Avda. Montañana 1005, 50059 Zaragoza, Spain
Tel: 34 976 716000 – Fax: 34 976 716001
E-mail: iamz@iamz.ciheam.org

- Payment should be made by bank transfer to the following account:

Account holder: IAMZ-CIHEAM
IBAN: ES60 2085 1425 5603 0018 8187
Bank name: IBERCAJA
Swift code: CAZRES 2Z
To be indicated on the bank transfer: “samsun 2012 – your surname”
Postal address: Av. Montañana 290, 50059 Montañana (Zaragoza), Spain
(Note: All transfer expenses must be paid by the sender)

Organising Committee

President: Claudio Porqueddu (Coordinator FAO-CIHEAM Sub-Network on Mediterranean Forage Resources; CNR-ISPAAM, Italy)
Local Organizer and convenor: Zeki Acar (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)
General Secretary: Antonio López-Francos (IAMZ-CIHEAM)
Local Secretary: Ilknur Ayan (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)

Ferat Uzun (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)
Ozlem O. Asci (Ordu Univ., Turkey)
Hanife Mut (Bozok Univ., Turkey)
Ugur Basaran (Bozok Univ., Turkey)
Tamer Yavuz (Ahi Evran Univ., Turkey)
Ozgur Tongel (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)
Erdem Gulumser (Bozok Univ., Turkey)
Mehmet Can (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)
Sedat Arslan (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)
Fatih Kumbasar (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)

Scientific Committee

Dr. Claudio Porqueddu (CNR-ISPAAM, Italy)
Dr. Zeki Acar (Ondokuz Mayis Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Esvet Acikgoz (Uludag Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Esen Celen (Ege Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Yunus Serin (Erciyes Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Hayrettin Ekiz (Ankara Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Rustu Hatipoglu (Cukurova Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Ahmet Gokkus (Canakkale Univ., Turkey)
Dr. A. Servet Tekeli (Tekirdag Univ., Turkey)

Dr. Mustafa Tan (Ataturk Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Cengiz Sancak (Ankara Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Iskender Tiryaki (Maras Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Alptekin Karagoz (Aksaray Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Sebahattin Albayrak (Isparta Univ., Turkey)
Dr. Hasan Ozcan (Black Sea Agricultural Research Institute, Turkey)
Dr. Huseyin Ozpinar (Aegian Agricultural Research Institute, Turkey)
Dr. Serkan Ates (InternationalCenter for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria)