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The Interregional FAO-CIHEAM Research Network on Nuts was created in the 90s upon an agreement signed by CIHEAM and FAO to join efforts of previous networking structures that each institution had been supporting.

The Network is currently working on the following species: Almond, Hazelnut, Walnut, Pistachio, Chestnut and Stone pine. Wide topics are targeted, coverng all aspects of cultivation and industrialization of these species: plant breeding, physiology, agronomical techniques, pests and diseases, fruit quality, processing and markets.

Since its origin, the FAO-CIHEAM Network on Nuts has had a considerable level of activity, aiming to:

  • exchange scientific knowledge, from methodologies to results, through the promotion of periodical international meetings where researchers from Mediterranean countries can participate
  • prospecting and testing plant material from different origins to be characterized and tested
  • conducting joint research works targeting common issues affecting nut farming in the Mediterranean areas.

The Network has a simple coordination structure and a free membership . The Network involves more than 100 experts belonging to around 20 institutions from 8 Mediterranean countries, and also from other areas of the world where nut cultivation is important (Australia, Chile, Iran, USA…). Collaboration with international organizations such as ISHS and Bioversity International (ex IPGRI) is frequent.

A substantial number of publications have been produced from the Network activities, and Nucis, the network newsletter, is published periodically.

This Network is one of the networks of the European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture (FAO-ESCORENA)