e-NUCIS is the electronic Newsletter of the FAO-CIHEAM Network on Nuts, taking over the original Nucis Newsletter. e-NUCIS collects and shares news on projects, research activities and results, publications and other relevant information for the nut research community. e-NUCIS feeds on contents coming from network members, who are encouraged to send contributions (such as reports, notes, project summaries, published articles, and other interesting information) to nutnetwork@iamz.ciheam.org

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e-NUCIS, no. 1, June 2021

NUCIS newsletter

NUCIS Newsletter is the information bulletin of the FAO-CIHEAM Network on Nuts, and it publishes original articles and news on Nuts research and development. Since number 16, Nucis is published exclusively in an electronic format. The whole collection is fully available on-line:

NUCIS 16 2014 Page 01