The Meeting will be held at the Ecole Nationale d'Agriculture de Meknès (ENA Meknès), Morocco. ENA Meknès, created in 1942 is the oldest establishment of agricultural higher education in Morocco. ENA is located 10 km South-East of Meknes city.
A special bus will be arranged by the organisation to transfer participants to and from ENA-Meknes (see details).

Meknes is an ancient city located in northern Morocco, close to the Middle Atlas Mountains. It has around 836,000 habitants. Meknes has a rich history, being one of the four ancient "Imperial cities of Morocco" and the capital city of the kingdom during the 17th century. Meknes was declared Unesco's World Heritage Historic City in 1996.

The city has good connections by plane (the Fes-Saiss international airport is 75 km from Meknes and there are good road connections to Meknes) and by train (4.5 hours from the Casablanca Mohamed V international airport; 2-2:25 hours from Rabat station).

The ENA will will organise on the 22nd October a transfer from Fes airport to Meknes (see details). But note also that travelling from Fes airport to Meknès can be done directly by taxi (400 Moroccan Dirhams; around 40 eur; 45'- 1 h trip); or taking a taxi to Fes station (150 Dirhams, 15 Eur) and then taking the frequent trains connecting both cities.

In case you can not easily connect with Fes Airport, it is recommended that you fly to Casablanca, and take a train directly to Meknes from the Casablanca airport railway station. In case you arrive to Rabat airport, you should take a taxi to the railway station in the city centre (which costs 150-200 Moroccan Dirhams; around 15-20 eur), to take a train from there to Meknès. Train timetables can be consulted from the ONCF website. Tickets can be purchased on-line or at the railway station.

Distances in the city are normally not very long, so you can walk. But if you want to take a taxi, note that individual taxis (called "petit taxis") are distinguished by a pale blue colour and must have a taxi-meter, so there is no need to bargain a tariff.


Meknes is a tourist city with a wide range of hotel options both in the modern city centre and in the old city or "Medina". A special bus service will be scheduled to take participants from different points of the city to the meeting venue at ENA Meknés (and back in the afternoon). Information on the bus stops and departure times will be posted soon.

The meeting organization has arranged special rates for participants at the following hotels. Please contact these hotels directly and when booking indicate you are a participant to the FAO-CIHEAM meeting at ENA Meknés:

Hotel Akouas

27, Rue Amir Abdelkader, Meknes 50010, Morocco
Tel: +212 5 35 51 59 67/68/95

Single room: 33 EURO
Double room: 38 EURO

(+ 2 €/person municipal tax; breakfast included)

Hotel Swani

6 rue numéro 1, Belair, Boulevard Ibn Sina, Meknès 50010, Morocco
Tel: +212 5355-15032/33

Single room: 33 EURO
Double room: 38 EURO

(+ 2 €/person municipal tax; breakfast included)

Hotel Oasis Tafilalet

Rue Kifa, Meknès 50000, Morocco
Tel.: +212 5355-14971



Single room: 37 EURO
Double room: 43 EURO
Triple room: 53 EURO

(+ 2 €/person municipal tax; breakfast included)

IBIS Meknes

Avenue des F.A.R, Meknes 50000, Morocco
Tel.: +212 5354-04141

Single room: 57 EURO
Double room: 67 EURO

(+ 2 €/person municipal tax; breakfast included)

You can also make your own arrangements and book directly a hotel in the modern city or in the Medina. In the old Medina, there are houses called "riads" which have been converted into guest houses or hotels, maintaining the charm of the traditional Moroccan houses. If you decide to book your own accommodation in the Medina, please ask the hotel or riad owners to help you reach it and to go to the Meeting bus stop, as sometimes access by taxi is not possible as the streets are too narrow.