The symposium is organised in IAMZ as part of the activities of the Network of Scientific Excellence "Yield and Quality Physiology for Cereal Breeding" (FiRCMe), with the collaboration of CIHEAM's Network on Legumes and Cereals.

The official language for the symposium will be English. Therefore, all oral presentations, posters and discussions should be in this language.

The Scientific and Organising Committee of the I Spanish Symposium on Cereal Physiology and Breeding consists of:

  • Ana Casas (EEAD, CSIC)
  • Ernesto Igartua (EEAD, CSIC)
  • Ignacio Romagosa (AGROTECNIO & UdL)
  • Gustavo Slafer (AGROTECNIO & UdL)
  • Ramzi Belkhodja (IAMZ, CIHEAM)

The Coordination Council of FiRCMe comprises representatives of each of the Network member groups: Nieves Aparicio (ITACyL), Iker Aranjuelo (CSIC/UPNA-IdAB), José L. Araus (UB), Patricia Giraldo (UPM), Ernesto Igartua (CSIC-EEAD), Rosa Morcuende (CSIC-IRNASA), Alejandro Pérez (IFAPA), Elena Prats (CSIC-IAS), and Gustavo Slafer (AGROTECNIO, UdL).