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FiRCMe (Spanish abbreviation for: Yield and Quality Physiology for Cereal Breeding) is a Network of Scientific Excellence funded by the Spanish Research Agency, which connects Spanish research groups internationally renowned in the fields of physiology and/or cereal breeding. The core objective of the Network is to develop activities that maximise the understanding of physiological and genetic factors that determine yield (potential yield and yield in adverse conditions) and quality (functional and nutritional) of major cereals, thus contributing to their genetic improvement. To this effect, the Network conducts different actions to promote communication, research and internationalisation in the research groups.

Simultaneously, the aim of CIHEAM’s Network on Legumes and Cereals —which has been inactive for a few years— is the periodical exchange of information and research results on quality criteria and adaptation of these crops of fundamental importance in the Mediterranean.

These two networks have jointly organised the I Spanish Symposium on Cereal Physiology and Breeding. This symposium is open to the whole Mediterranean scientific community interested in these topics, although contributions from non-Mediterranean countries are also welcome.

The aim of this symposium is to create a productive space for the exchange and strengthening of synergies among scientific communities working in the areas of Physiology, Genetics and Cereal Breeding. The cooperation and synergies between Spanish and international research groups in these fields will enhance the multidisciplinarity, impact and internationalisation of their existing research activity in search for solutions for global agriculture and particularly for agriculture in the Mediterranean. Therefore, this event could facilitate the establishment of consortiums which could potentially take part in the Euro-Mediterranean initiative Partnership in Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA), focused on the sustainable management of water and of agro-food systems.

The I Spanish Symposium on Cereal Physiology and Breeding will be focused on physiology and yield improvement and the II Symposium (to be held in 2019) is expected to deal with physiology and quality improvement (industrial, nutritional). This means that studies which combine yield and quality aspects are welcome in any of the two symposiums organised by the Network.